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Joe Aguirre
Council Member

Joe Aguirre

Council Term: 2010-2014

City Hall
1015 11th Avenue
P. O. Box 3010
Delano, CA 93215


Ph: (661) 721-3303 x 2456
Fax: (661) 721-3312




 Positions Held/Employment History  

 Richgrove School Class of 1980
 Delano High School Class of 1984
 Richgrove School Governing Board of Directors (RSD) (Elected 1988-1992)
 Re-elected (1992-94) unoposed to serve for the RSD Governing Board of Directors
 Richgrove School Site Council (Chairman 1996-98)
 Richgrove School Governing Board of Directors (Elected 1998-2002)
 Delano Regional Medical Center (Manager of Environmental Services 1990-95)
 Tulare District Hospital (Director of Environmental Services 1990-95)
 Executive Housekeeper Janitorial Group (President 1993-Present)
 Delano Regional Medical Center (Director of Facilities & Emergency Management 
 World Harvest International Church (Director of Men's Fellowship 2005-2010)
 World Harvest Internntional Church (Administrator of Ministries 2007-2010)
 Delano Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors (2008-Present)
 Delano Chamber of Commerce (Chairman 2010-13)
 Delano City Council (Member 2010-2014)
 Delano City Council (Mayor 2013)
 Delano Redevelopment Agency (Vice-Chairman 2010-2011)
 Delano Redevelopment Agency (Chairman 2012)
 Delano Oversight Successor Agency of Delano RDA (Chairman 2012) 
 Delano Mosquito Abatement District (Board of Directors 2010-2011)
 Delano Mosquito Abatement District (Interim General Manager 2012)
 Kern Council of Government Board (Director 2012)