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Community Law Enforcement Liaison Board


Welcome to the Community Law Enforcement Liaison Board (CLELB) webpage.  This website is designed to make you more familiar with the CLELB and its members.  The CLELB consists of nine members of the community.  The City Council, Delano Police Officers Association, City Manager, and the Chief of Police each appoint one member.  The CLELB has an elected chairperson, vice-chair, and secretary which rotates yearly.  Meetings for the CLELB are open to the public and your attendance is always welcomed.


Liaison Board.JPG


Board Members
Jean Flores (not pictured)
Mike Gutierrez
Linda Hylton
Pat Lane
Amanda Moore
Arnold Morrison
Ana Perigo (not pictured)
Delores Stephens
Suzanne Villaruz

Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday in January, March, May, June, September, and November at 6:30 pm.  The Community Law Enforcement Liaison Board meets at City Hall (1015 11th Avenue) in the Council Chambers.


Our Purpose

The Community Law Enforcement Liaison Board was created for additional community participation in Delano Police Department policies, procedures, and practices to ensure fair investigations of citizen complaints.  (Established by City Ordinance 1007 - October 20, 1997)



The CLELB has several goals that include:

Increasing citizen awareness of the CLELB's purpose and limitations.  Increasing media relations to the public and educating the public on policy and procedures.  This is to provide citizens with information on the mission and purpose of the Board, dates, location of meetings as well as providing citizens with a better understanding of law enforcement practices as they relate to calls, service, or complaints.

Promote positive police-community relations in an effort to provide better services and expectations from the community and police.  To increase CLELB participation in police and other civic events and encourage citizen participation, input, and experiences in providing positive feedback to the community.  The CLELB is available to citizens in a less formal environment to explain their role, as well as receive comments from citizens.

Providing citizens with an understanding of the police culture as it would relate to enforcement of laws; recruitment and training of officers, as well as the enforcement of laws.  This goal is meant to provide citizens with an understanding of the hiring process and further training requirements.  Citizens should understand the rigorous standard for officers as well as continuing professional developmental training.  The CLELB also can explain policies and procedures and the roll of reward and discipline plays.  Citizens then can understand the philosophy and purpose of Departmental polices and procedures and to understand recognition of superior performance and the process in which discipline is administered.


How can I make a comment or complaint to the Police Department?

Comment/Complaint forms are available in the lobby of the Delano Police Department.  You are encouraged to speak with the on-duty Watch Commander if you have any questions, or if you are unsure if you have a complaint or need clarification on a department policy or procedure.


All complaints are investigated within 30 days, however, on some occasions an investigation may take longer.  Should an investigation be conducted as a result of your complaint, you may be contacted for further information.


Upon conclusion of your complaint, you will be notified in writing as to the findings, which will be exonerated, sustained, not sustained, or unfounded.  You are not entitled to know what action, if any, was taken against an officer.

You may also contact a CLELB Member personally or by attending a regularly scheduled  or special meeting of the CLELB Board.


It is against the law to make a complaint that you know to be false.  If you make a complaint against an officer knowing that it is false, you can be prosecuted on a misdemeanor charge.  (California Penal Code Section 832.5)


Contact Information

City Hall

First Floor - City Council Chambers

1015 11th Avenue

P.O. Box 3010

Delano, CA  93215