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Gang Information

     The Delano Police Department participates in two very important gang task forces.  First is that MAGNET-South County, which deals with gang activity in the South end of Tulare County and the City of Delano.  We are proud of our partnership with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department, and many other fine law enforcement agencies within Tulare County.  Further, the Delano Police Department is an active participant in the Kern County Street Interdiction Team (SIT).  The SIT is a cooperative effort by Kern County law enforcement agencies to deal with gang related issues within the participant cities.  The Delano Police Department also has a gang officer who not only deals with gang issues within Delano, but serves as a conduit and liaison with the MAGNET and SIT regarding gang issues.


If you would like more information about gangs in general, you may access the following outstanding websites:




The above websites provide some excellent information regarding gangs, and may prove beneficial in helping to educate you regarding gangs.


Reporting Gang Activity

To report non-emergency gang activity, you may do so by contacting
(661) 721-3377.

As always, all EMERGENCIES should be directed to 9-1-1.


To contact MAGNET call:  1-888-END-GANG