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Water Conservation
2010 Urban Water Management Plan
The State of California has mandated that all urban water suppliers with over 3,000 customers prepare an Urban Water Management Plan every five years to examine the availability of water to customers for the next twenty years; the plan requirements are described in the California Water Code Section 10610 through 10634.  The plan is available at the Engineering Department for review.

Water Conservation Hotline
The City of Delano is providing a Water Conservation Hotline for the community to assist the City in conserving our water for domestic use and drinking purposes. If you have seen water usage contrary to the adopted Water Ordinance you can call (661) 720-5499 or by using our Contact Us Form and selecting the Water Conservation option.

Water Conservation Ordinance
This Urgency Ordinance does not affect indoor water usage.

The State of California is experiencing drought conditions with significant cutbacks expected in water usage. The City is currently experiencing difficulty meeting our high water demands. The drought along with water well failures are contributing factors to the water shortage in this community. In order to help preserve the public health and safety of Delano, the City Council determined there is an urgent need to respond to the water shortage. The City Council addressed the water shortfall by adopting an Urgency Ordinance on June 2, 2008. An Urgency Ordinance is effective immediately upon adoption.

The Ordinance reads:

“13.04.110 Mandatory Conservation Schedule: All consumers, residences/businesses shall conserve water in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Even numbered addresses shall only water/irrigate outside of any building on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Odd numbered addresses shall only water/irrigate outside of any building on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • No water for any purpose outside any buildings shall be used by consumers on Mondays.

The Ordinance includes limiting the use of water for vehicle washing and hosing down of cement areas in front or around structures.

Per The City Council of the City of Delano, the Ordinance is in effect indefinitely.

Thank you for your cooperation.

You can also download the Water Conservation Ordinace.

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