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Park and Ride Lots
Park and Ride Lots
Park & Ride Lot
Park and Ride

Relax! Your Ride is Here! Try DART Park & Ride Lots. Why drive when you can ride a comfortable DART bus to where you need to go.

As a courtesy to all DART users, the City of Delano provides free parking spaces to allow its riders, carpoolers and vanpoolers to utilize for commuting purposes. These lots while sponsored by the City of Delano, they are not maintained or insured by the City of Delano or the owner of the parking lot. Therefore all users of the Park & Ride Lots cannot hold the City of Delano or the owner of the parking lot and its tenants liable for damages or problems that occur while a person is using the Park & Ride Lots.

Where Can I Find A Park & Ride Lot?

Park & Ride Lots are all located in the City of Delano at the following locations:

Delano Station - 1120 Glenwood Street at the corner of Glenwood Street @ 11th Avenue.
6 spaces and on street parking on Glenwood Street
Overflow parking is available directly across the street on 11th Avenue next to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

Delano Municipal Airport - 1212 Airport Drive at the corner of Lexington Street and Airport Drive.
36 spaces and 4 bicycle lockers.

Concerns, Questions or Comments?

If you have a question, concern, comment or suggestions in regards to the Park & Ride Lots, please contact:  City of Delano Transportation Services Department, 1120 Glenwood Street, Delano, CA 93215. Telephone: (661) 721-3333, FAX: (661) 721-2590.

If an emergency arises at a Park & Ride Lot, please contact Delano Police Department at: (661) 721-3377 or 911.

For towing assistance, please contact: Delano Towing (661) 721-0511, Garza Towing (661) 725-9611 or Arnold's Towing (661) 725-1525.

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