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Public Safety Dispatch

dispatch2.jpg     Our dispatchers stand ready to aid you with your call for service, whether it is an emergency or a routine call.  When you place a call for service through our dispatch center, you will note that you are asked several questions from our staff.  Rest assured that you call is being dispatched even though our dispatcher or call taker is asking you questions.  Please be patient with use while we ask these important questions.  Each question we ask is designed to gain as much information as possible, to keep out officers who are responding to your call for service safe, and to provide you with the best service possible.


A Word About 9-1-1Dispatch3.jpg

     There are numerous job duties a dispatcher performs; answering the 9-1-1 phone is one of the most important ones.  Most calls that come in through the emergency line are calls that require immediate assistance, whereas someone’s life may be at risk.  Dispatchers must be ready and prepared for whatever situation may arise.  Dispatchers need to think and act quickly because any delay, even a few seconds, can result in serious injury or death.


     It is very important that we as citizens of Delano limit our calls via 9-1-1 to emergencies only.  It is not always easy to determine what an emergency is.  The following are some things the consider when in doubt:


  • Any life or death situation
  • Risk of harm or injury to any person
  • Any crime in progress


     The above includes only a few considerations; factors may vary in each situation.  At times callers may become frustrated when we ask questions because it may seem as if the questions are delaying a police response, when in fact, those specific questions are asked in order for law enforcement to provide better service and quicker response time.  Ultimately our goal is to protect and assist the citizens of Delano; together we can achieve that goal.