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Records Division


Lobby.jpgHours of Operation

Monday-Friday 7:30 am-6:00 pm












Fee Schedule

ABC Letters


Clearance Letters

$22.00 (A $7.00 Records Research Fee with arrests.  Clearance letters require at least 24 hours for completion)

Call for Service Slip


Citation Sign Off**

$10.00 Administrative Fee (Flat Fee)
$9.50 per violation
(After your citation has been signed off by an officer please make sure to check with the clerk for further instructions to avoid being penalized for taking the citation with you when it should remain at the Police Department)

Crime Reports

$5.00  First 10 pages

$0.50  Each additional page

$2.00  Per full page photo

$10.00  Per CD of photos (when there are 10 or more photos in a report)(Copies of crime reports provided Monday-Friday 7:30 am-6:00 pm.  A crime report should be available during the mentioned days and time 10-15 days after being filed.  Old cases that must be pulled from the archive may require a full work day or longer for availability.  Please bring your case number with you at time of request for quicker assistance.)

Repossessed Vehicle Fee



Schedule as follows:

10:00 am-11:00 am

1:00 pm-3:00 pm

$10.00  Two cards

$6.00 Each additional card

$2.00  Thumbprints

For fingerprints, you must bring photo ID.  They are rolled prints, the City does not provide Live Scan to the public.

Impounded Vehicles

Impound hearings are
1:00 pm-3:30 pm


Stored Vehicles


Traffic Collision Reports

$15.00  PDO Reports

$30.00  Non-injury

$60.00  Injuries and Fatals

(Traffic accident reports are available 10-15 days after reported.)

Records Research Fee

The Records Research fee is attached to researching of old cases and clearance letters with arrests.

Card room/Card Dealer Operators License

Under Review

Card Dealer Renewal

Under Review

Car Seat Violator Class

$100.00  (When offered)

*For animal related fees please see Animal Control.

**Effective September 6, 2009

Registrations Arson/Sex/Narcotics and General Information