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Chief of Police

Chief.jpgMark DeRosia

1022 12th Avenue
Delano, CA  93215

Ph: (661) 721-3377
Fax: (661) 725-0631



Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


A Message from the Chief of Police

      Welcome to the Delano Police Department webpage.  Each member of this Department is committed to providing you with the best quality and professional service as possible.  The Delano Police Department is a full-service, state certified, law enforcement agency that provides a wide variety of programs and services.  We are proud to provide Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) to the youth of our community.  We are equally proud of our Explorer Post, Police Chaplain Program; and all the other volunteers who work side by side with us each day.

     Your Police Department operates a full-service criminal investigations division, which investigates all felony and many misdemeanor crimes.  These Department members possess the training, education, and experience to properly investigate your complaint.  Our patrol division has highly motivated, and dedicated law enforcement professionals who have your best interest at heart.  They stand ready to respond to your requests for service, and do whatever it takes to live up to our Department motto “Serving Our Community.”

     This Department also has a very active and effective crime prevention section, and offers a wide variety of programs and services.  We also operate a state certified jail facility, and have our own on-site evidence custodian.  Our police records staff stands ready to provide you assistance either in person or by telephone.  Finally, our dispatch staff is here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  These professionally trained dispatchers can help you obtain assistance in either an emergency or of a routine nature. 

     We work hard to provide quality services to our community and are always looking for innovative ways to fund programs.  This department actively seeks grant funding for programs that will aid our community, reduce crime, or promote safety.

     Crime within any city is an unsettling feeling, and it occurs in large cities and in small.  Citizens have an absolute right to feel safe in their homes and know that their families and property are safe.  The Delano Police Department is proud to serve our community and understand the needs of those we serve.  This department is committed to providing a level of law enforcement service that is second to none.  Further, we recognize that the customer service we provide on a daily basis must be reflective of a professional, caring, and understanding law enforcement agency.

     The Delano Police Department takes formal and professional education seriously.  All staff receive many hours of professional development training in compliance with the California Commission on Police Officer's Standards and Training (POST).  Further, we have entered into an educational partnership with the Northcentral University which provides nationally accredited university courses and degree programs for our staff.  For more information please visit www.ncu.edu.

     Please take a few moments to review the services, programs, and divisions that are here for you.


Very respectfully,



Mark P. DeRosia, M.A.

Chief of Police


”Serving Our Community”