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Business Licenses
Susana Valenzuela, Assistant Accountant

1015 11th Ave
PO Box 3010
Delano, CA  93216

Ph: (661) 720-2203
Fax: (661) 721-3314

Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

A business license is required of all businesses and in-home businesses operating within the City limits, including temporary activities and contractors with offices located outside of the City. Our Business Licenses are effective for a calendar year. It does not matter when you start your business during the year, it remains effective until December 31st of the same year. Certain types of businesses require a background check which costs $100. Please call 721.3310 ext 2203 for questions.The regular Business License application is available for download. The following types of businesses require a different application and can be obtained at our office:

  • Solicitor’s/Itinerant/Peddler 
  • Massage Establishment
  • Taxicab

Download a Business License Application and Gross Receipts Fee Schedule

Services Provided:
  • Issuance of New Business Licenses
  • Issuance of Business License Renewals.
  • Issues Public Dance Permits. These are issued on a quarterly basis. The fee is $5.00. If it is a new dance permit, it must be approved by the Police Department. Private dances are issued solely through the Police Department – (661) 721-3377.

SB 1186 - $1 Mandated Fee on All Business Licences and Renewals

On September 19, 2012, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill (SB 1186) which implemented a $1 state mandated fee from all local businesses.  The primary intent of SB 1186 is to limit the liability of businesses against lawsuits under the American Disability Act (ADA).  Beginning on January 1, 2013 the City of Delano will charge an additional $1 fee to all local businesses including rental properties, out-of-town businesses, home-based businesses, contractors, exempt businesses, and non-profits.  The fee takes effect January 1, 2013 and continues in effect for five years, to December 31, 2018.  To find out more information regarding this bill, visit the websites below:

What does this mean for Delano Enterprise Zone Businesses?  As many Delano businesses may be aware, the Delano Enterprise Zone does offer local fee waivers to certain businesses within the Zone's boundaries.  However, the state mandated fee cannot be waived.  Therefore, even those exempt businesses will begin to see the $1 fee on their business license renewal forms beginning January 1, 2013.

As a general rule, all Delano businesses that receive a business license renewal must complete the contact information area, follow all posted directions on the renewal statements, and send the completed forms back to the City of Delano Business License Department.  Please don't forget this very important step.

For more information or questions regarding your business license statements, please contact Business License at (661) 721-3310.  For information or questions regarding the Delano Enterprise Zone Program, contact Angelica Castro at (661) 720-2217.


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