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Crime Prevention



"Serving Our Community"

Crime Prevention

  Welcome to the Delano Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit’s webpage.  Officers of the Delano Police Department make an active effort to reduce the chances of citizens and businesses from becoming victims of crimes.  Do not let yourself become a victim.  If you see a crime occurring, do not hesitate to call the Delano Police Department.




     The Crime Prevention Unit encourages you to participate in our many crime prevention programs that we offer.  Participation in all of these programs is free of charge and will only cost you your time.

Effective January 1, 2012
Booster Seat Law


National Night Out
August 2, 2011
Cesar Chavez Park
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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The Delano Police Department offers:National Crime Prevention Council


·                     Neighborhood Watch

·                     Operation Identification 

·                     Combat Auto Theft

·                     Child Fingerprinting


     Besides our Crime Prevention Programs we also encourage the citizens of Delano to take a tour of our facility, go on a ride-along with one of our outstanding officers, or volunteer at the police station.


     If you come by the station we have plenty of free information for you.  Our lobby has a pamphlet display with many areas of interest to help you prevent crime.  We have literature on just about any crime prevention topic that you are looking for, to include:


·         Personal Safety

·         Identity Theft

·         Citizen Comment Forms

·         Home Security

·         Drug/Alcohol Abuse

Additional Crime Prevention Tips

What Happens After You Report a Crime to Delano Police?

     The Delano Police Department works very hard to investigate crimes reported to us.  You can be assured that we will investigate all logical investigative leads.  We are committed to providing you with the best possible service at all times.


What you can expect from us:

·         Proper reporting of all information given to us

·         Timely completion of police reports

·         Timely investigation of your complaint

·         Correspondence with you regarding the status of your case

·         Follow-up contact with you if additional information is needed

·         Remain available to you to answer your questions

·         Where applicable, assist you in preparing for court, or provide you transportation to court

·         Provide a contact person to act as your advocate when needed

·         Answer any questions you have regarding the incident you reported

·         Explain the prosecutorial process to your irrespective of case status

·         Provide Crime Prevention tips and brochures


Delano and Area Help Agencies

Delano Police Department


Delano Police Department Records


Delano Regional Medical Center


Delano Regional Medical Center Emergency


Delano Ambulance


Kern County Fire-West


Kern County Fire-East


Kern County Coroner


Rape Crisis Hotline


Domestic Violence Hotline


Women’s Shelters


Aging and Adult Services


Kern County Probation Department


Kern County District Attorney


Kern County Superior Court


Kern County Department of Human Services


Delano Animal Control Message


Events of 2009


Events of 2008


Events of 2007

Delano City Walk

Please remember that preventing crime is not only the duty of the Delano Police Department, but also the responsibility of all citizens of Delano.

Meet the Staff


Community Service Officer Aguil

CSO Aguil has been with the Delano Police Department since December of 2006.  He was born and raised in the City of Delano and is a graduate from Delano High School.  CSO Aguil has a degree in Liberal Studies and is currently continuing his college education.  He is also certified in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), actively participates in Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, is a member of the California Crime Prevention Officers' Association (CCPOA) and the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCCP).  CSO Aguil is a supporter of rescuing animals and has adopted 2 dogs from the Delano Animal Control Shelter.