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The California Commission on Police Officers Standards and Training, during a recent management analysis study, recommended the Police Department be comprised of three distinct divisions-Patrol Operations, Investigations, and Administration. The Delano Police Department complied with the Commission’s recommendation and in January 2007, redesigned the Department organizational chart to reflect the recommendation.

Each division within the Department provides services to our community that is different from other divisions and units, however, the end result, service to our community, is the common theme. Each member of each division receives the appropriate training to perform their assigned duties at the highest possible level of performance.

On January 4, 2007, in accordance with California Penal Code, Section 925, the 2006-2007 Kern County Grand Jury’s Law and Justice Committee, conducted a visit of the Delano Police Department. In the Grand Jury’s Report of Findings, they noted, “The Department is to be commended for the progressive steps that have been taken within the past year.” You may view of copy of the Grand Jury’s report by visiting