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Community Correctional Facility
Faciltiy Information
Delano Community Correctional Facility
The Delano Community Correctional Facility (DCCF) is a public agency owned and operated by the City of Delano. The DCCF is fully equipped and capable of housing a maximum of 578 inmates. Our facility has been successful in housing inmates from every county in California, in an open dorm setting for more than (20) twenty years.

Facility Overview
This facility meets all legislative mandates regarding the care, treatment and housing of convicted felons, as specified in the California Code of Regulations, Title 15. With the approval of Assembly Bill 117, the counties of California now have the legal ablity to contract beds from Public Community Correctional Facilites.

Contact Information
The City of Delano is prepared to discuss with all interested agencies your current housing and programming needs. We are aware that budgetary issues are constant throughout cities, counties and state. We believe we could provide cost savings to your operational budget, as we could house inmates at a lesser per-diem rate than counties and/or other agencies. 

We welcome the opportunity to assist your agency with inmate housing needs.  Please contact the office of the City Manager to schedule a meeting (661) 720-2269.

Highway 99, Delano, California
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City of Delano, 1015 11th Ave, Delano, CA 93215
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